Basic Information

Full Name -
Nickname Marcy
Birthday 2006/10/03
Nationality Hungarian
Location Hungary
Pronouns He/Him


About me:
➜ My name is Marcy
➜ I'm 17 years old
➜ I'm from Hungary
➜ I speak English and Hungarian fluently
➜ My timezone is GMT+1, so don't disturb me at night, thx 😀

➜ Game development
➜ UI/Logo Design
➜ Video Editing
➜ Art and Comics
➜ Writing
➜ Petting cats

History at Cornered Key

All dates are formatted in YYYY/MM/DD on this page!


Currently, I'm working on Tactical Cells, Life Composer, and an upcoming animated Gacha Series... All are expected to be released in 2024-2025.

2024/04/02 - Protoslimes

A game made for a school project. It was a great learning experience.

Tasks: Scripting, Pixel Art

2023/09/29 - Crystal Clouds

Started writing this story that was hosted on the old Cornered Key website. Novels are not part of Cornered Key anymore and with that Season 2 was cancelled. The book is still avalible on Wattpad.

2023/02/06 - Separaliens

Separaliens was our first game made in the Gdevelop game engine. It was created for a Game Jam.

Tasks: Scripting, Music

2022/12/24 - Rage Blocks 2

Rage Blocks 2 which started as a personal project was officially called a "Gorner Game" when moved to our Roblox Group.

2022/08/18 - The Last Survivors

On the same day as Gorner Studios was officially Founded, we released our first game "The Last Survivors" on Roblox.

Tasks: Scripting, Map

2022/08/18 - Founded Gorner Studios

Because of Roblox moderation, the Yorner name was changed to Gorner. And on this day Gorner Studios was officially founded in the form of a Roblox Group.