Basic Information

Full Name -
Nickname Shadow, Ash
Birthday 2007/01/05
Nationality Hungarian
Location Hungary
Pronouns He/Him

Social Links


About me:
-General dumbass 🙂
-17 yrs
-plays a lot
-Open to multiplayer if its games I like
-Ur average terrarian
-Very negative, be prepared

-pc games (especially survival/td)

What I do:

History at Cornered Key

All dates are formatted in YYYY/MM/DD on this page!


Currently, I'm working on Tactical Cells, QuadType Mechs, and UFO: Evolutions

2023&2024 - Terraria Mod Development

When Cornered Key supported mods, some Terraria mods were also created by me. These are still avalible on Steam.

2023/02/06 - Separaliens

Separaliens was our first game made in the Gdevelop game engine. It was created for a Game Jam.

Tasks: Pixel Art

2022/08/18 - The Last Survivors

On the same day as Gorner Studios was officially Founded, we released our first game "The Last Survivors" on Roblox.

Tasks: 3D Models

2022/08/18 - Co-Founded Gorner Studios

Because of Roblox moderation, the Yorner name was changed to Gorner. And on this day Gorner Studios was officially founded in the form of a Roblox Group.