Cornered Key

P1CH2 – The power of the Mercury Crystal

The lady is just standing there, mercury dripping from her hands. She defeated most of the Griefers with one attack. She is very flexible, but her gray hair and skin tell she wasn’t born today. She’s looking for remaining soldiers with her glowing red eyes.

The survivors are running back to their airship. It’s the Griefer 8th Ship. They are the ones who attacked this village. Griefers’ goal is to reform the world and make it a better place, but most people just find their way of doing it nonsense. But in this world, there is no good or evil. It’s just chaos.

-Scarlett, you did it, you saved the village! – the crowd cheers until everybody notices Isabella’s dead body.

Iron Heart Scarlett looks at her dead granddaughter in silence. Her emotions are unclear, but she just grabs her great-grandson, Ben, and drags him back inside the house.

-FIND THE BEST PLACE FOR IRON SKULL ISABELLA’S GRAVE PEOPLE! – shouts Spike Beard Frederick while holding his tears back – AND LEAVE THE IRON SKULL FAMILY ALONE! Don’t even go near their house in these times… You saw the power of the Mercury Crystal.

The sky is so clear in this world. It’s so nice to look at because while doing that you don’t see the darkness below. But something was always wrong. Maybe the sky is too clear, otherwise, how did our ancestors record “transparent sheep” in their diaries? They called them clouds, they came in infinite shapes, and different colors depending on the gods’ mood. But today only adventurers who sailed the skies up high say that they saw clouds.

Iron Heart Scarlett or back at the time known as Iron Scarlett didn’t inherit the Iron Skull. She was ashamed of herself. They wanted to train her to become a blacksmith. As the tradition in the Iron Skull family, if you don’t inherit this strong skull, your goal becomes to be the world’s best blacksmith. This was a fun and friendly race between family members, but Scarlett was not interested in “fighting metal”. She wanted to become a warrior, but she wasn’t allowed so she became a runaway.

Iron Scarlet stole her parent’s ship at the age of 17 and decided to look for the Mercury Crystal that would make her stronger than any other Iron Skull, but she could also keep the Iron name.

Some years after she was found half dead at the entrance of the village bleeding mercury from deadly wounds. Surprisingly her wounds disappeared under a night and she shared her journey with the village. “I broke the Mercury Crystal, it replaced my blood with mercury and made my heart iron. From this day you’ll call me Iron Heart Scarlett and I’ll protect this village at all costs!” Her parents left the village in disappointment in their daughter. Since then Scarlett deals with depression and only leaves the house if the village is in danger.

Crystals are legends, they say they can be found in cloud temples. Anybody who breaks one will get the power from inside. But not many survivors come back from the clouds. And whoever does come back refuses to talk about it: “You peasants could never get powers like this!” …and other similar excuses. But Scarlett does not want to keep secrets from Ben. Hopefully, his Iron Skull can handle all the information the cruel world has to offer.

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