Cornered Key

P1CH3 – Isabella’s next fight

-What happened to mom? – Ben sobs.

-She decided to visit the gods up there, even above the clouds. She knew you were old and brave enough so that she could attend even bigger fights. She is not dead… until you keep her soul in your heart. That woman was brave and strong.

-So will I ever see mom again?

-You will and I will prepare you for that. You may have an iron skull, but do you have this? – Scarlett pulls a Kusarigama from her belt. It’s a sickle attached to an iron chain. – If you master this weapon and combine it with your skull, you’ll be unbeatable. And I need to go outside more.

-That looks fun.

Haha, it is fun. Your gorgeous white hair may be from your father, but your beautiful purple eyes and personality are from your mother. Now she would be happy if we would attend her funeral.

Scarlett was always positive that death was not real. It’s a celebration of an achievement. While she will miss her granddaughter, she can only put a proud smile on her face. Little Ben seeing this can’t help but follow his great-grandmother’s feelings.

The funeral happened the next day, everyone was mourning the death of the village’s warrior. Downward rounding mouths on every face except on the Iron Skull Family. But with every family, outsiders marry in and they may react differently to every movement… Ton Hammer Tomas, the father of Iron Skull Benjamin arrived back from a business trip waiting for his wife’s hug.

Tooom… my old friend, welcome back! – Spike Beard Fred welcomes him nervously. – I see you are back from selling those fine blades of yours. Your wife had to go to another mountain for a mercenary job. She…

-Then… why is her… why is her name on that grave? – Tom asks while anger and sadness circulate in his mind. – What happened to her? ANSWER ME FRED!

Fred had no choice… the mad voice of a 2-meter-tall man who uses a 5-ton hammer to create the world’s finest blades is very intimidating.

-She was shot in the eye. – Fred responded with his nose facing the ground.

Tom grabs two knives faster than anyone could process what is happening and stabs his own eyes.

-IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED? BECAUSE I’M NOT DEAD! – Tom screams thinking everything they are saying are lies.

Everyone is horrified by the sick love Tom has for Isabella. Only Fred acts fast and grabs a sleeping spike from his beard. – I’m sure this is the right one. – He hopes he didn’t mix it up again and throws it at Tom to stop his self-harming rampage.

The village’s best doctors took care of Tom, but he was never the same again. Ben lost both his parents on the same day… his mother went to her next fight, and his dad became an emotionless blade factory. But an old lady got her motivation back. Scarlett promised Ben she would make him the best warrior in this world.

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