Cornered Key

P1CH4 – The 3 friends

Scarlett started training Ben at the age of 4. Since then he became a strong warrior of the village. Maybe he even beat his own teacher one or two times. Well, that is what happens after almost 13 years of training.

-Happy Birthday, Benji! Am I the first? Please say I’m the first!

-You are Sophia…

Sophia is one of Ben’s best friends. Also the most gorgeous girl in the village with her long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She always thinks she is the first to say Happy Birthday to Ben on his birthdays, but it was always Scarlett since his mother’s death. They met in combat classes, Sophia is very skilled at knife throwing but still was never able to beat her friend. Maybe because she never took fighting that seriously, maps and navigation always grabbed her attention more.

-You are 17 now… can’t believe it. We have been training together for 12 years now. I mapped out a little present for ya, it’s at the crystal base with Blaky.

-Is it the Spee…

-SHH! I want to show you, birthday boy!

The Crystal Base was built by Builder Blake, Ben’s other best friend. It’s for the 3 of them to research crystal location so one day they can explore the clouds and find all the crystals. It has a training room, a lab, a navigation room, and a secret storage room for the finished charts.

Lately, the World Government has become suspicious about Crystal Base as using crystals without a license is illegal. Even all research shall be reserved by the WWG (World Wide Goverment). But villagers of Iron Peek happily kept the secret of the kids all these years.

-Happy Birthday, Ben! – A tall guy with short straight brown hair and brown eyes is standing in the doorway of Crystal Base.

-Hi, Blake! So what have you guys been working on in the last week while you denied my access to the base? – Ben asked while hyped for his awaited present.

-So you really want to see it? – Sophia asked, ready to show the path. – Follow me to the navigation room.

-THE SPEED CRYSTAL IT IS! – Ben shouts seeing the charts of the Speed Crystal. – The crystal that gives like 100x speed and with that better reaction time. Thanks guys! Now we just need to find it.

-Ayy, that was only Sophia’s present for you. Are you going to check out your airship I have been building for… and he ran outside. – Blake couldn’t stop Ben, he had already gone out to see the ship.

Scarlett said she would allow Ben to leave the island with his own airship when he is 17. And he got everything he needed. The Speed Crystal may be a new discovery, but Sophia already knows the location of the Barrier and the Gravity Crystal, safe in the secret storage room.

-SKYWARDS! SKYWARDS ARE COMING! – Some villagers shout in the direction of the Crystal Base.

As Ben hears this he turns back. He’s not able to check Blake’s present right now, but he has a feeling they will have to use it soon anyway. As he gets back to Crystal Base he gives out the emergency orders.

-Blake, clear the navigation room… Get your knives, Sophia. The second visit is never a warning. – Ben also grabs his Kusarigama getting ready for a fight.

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