Cornered Key

P1CH5 – Have you SAW my hand?

-Which Skyward ship is this? – Asks Ben from a villager.

-They did a major step up, yes… it’s the Skyward 17th Ship. – A man responds holding a spyglass.

-17th? That must be…

-SAWHAND ZEFF! – A man shouts towards the kids interrupting Sophia. – I’m the captain of the Skyward 7th ship!

-It’s 17th, sir. – A Skyward soldier nervously says the hurtful truth to his captain.

-You… YOU JUST SHUT UP! – Zeff kicks the soldier and sends him flying. – Yes I was caught there, I’m the captain of the Skyward 17th Ship, but not for long. I heard Crystal Base is not just a playground for you kids… you actually have crystals here. With those, I’ll apply to the World Wide Government Council. 7th place to be exact haha!

Sawhand Zeff isn’t that intimidating overall… he’s just a short chubby man. But where is his right hand?

-Ahh what are you looking at kids? Have you SAW my hand?! – Zeff screams while laughing. He has a big spinning saw in place of his right hand.

-Actually, that’s not grammatically correct. -Sophia corrects the weird man. – And here at Crystal Base, we don’t have crystals. We just train here to get to the crystals.

Sophia is telling the half-truth avoiding mentioning the secret storage room where the charts of the crystals are. Zeff clearly doesn’t believe that and orders his team to look through Crystal Base. But a spinning Kasurigama is in their way.

-First, get through me! – Ben charges at the soldiers, and they have no chance to beat the skilled Iron Skull fighter.

The enemy is also amazed by his moves. Ben grabs the swords with the chain, slices their hands, breaks the swords, and of course headbuts the people who get too close. The chain on his weapon is so long, it counts as a ranged weapon now.

While Ben holds back the enemy, Sophia helps by throwing some knives in the direction of the battleground. Blake is still trying to clear up the evidence inside when suddenly he hears a voice…

-Well, well, well… so this is the map room. I couldn’t find crystals here, the boss will be upset, but he could wipe his tears with those charts you are holding.

Blake stands still, frightened… that guy has two katanas. He’s tall and looks strong. His green eyes are directly looking at the files of the Speed Crystal.

-So not that talkative, right? I can’t believe you only have documents of only one crystal. But I hate my boss and I don’t know you guys so I’m only taking that.


-I happily slice off your hand if you don’t want to hand it over.

Blake has no other choice but to hand over all the information of the Speed Crystal. He does so and checks his hands… he still has them.

-See it was not that hard. Well, I hope we meet again and not as enemies. Your builds are awesome. That was your lab I checked, right?

-… y-yeah. – Blake responds in a very frightened tone.

-Cool… bye then! – The tall guy is about to leave… – By the way my name’s Zander.

The fight is still going on outside. Zeff is getting angry at the view of his man falling from some kids. But his smile comes back when he sees Zander. With that, everyone stops. Ben looks furious that they robbed Crystal Base behind their back. He strikes at Zander, but he blocks it.

-He’s a skilled swordsman. – Zeff says proudly. – Now give those papers to me.

The swordsman hands them over, but in his head, he only sees a big baby and not his boss.

-So no crystal here I see… but who drew this? They can probably make more and we’ll find the world’s all crystals in no time.

-It was probably the girl, sir. – “This big fat idiot, that’s not how the world works”, Zander thinks, but still acting like he’s a loyal member of the 17th Ship.

-Well then grab the girl and let’s go. We have everything we need to get to the 7th place! – Zeff orders.

-NO! – Ben shouts and charges towards the swordsman.

Ben manages to scar the face of the enemy, but he gets knocked out easily by this skilled fighter. Zander then grabs the weak Sophia who can’t do anything in melee combat. The enemy ship slowly fills back up and leaves into the distance.

The villagers are still afraid, they saw the whole thing from the safety of their house window. Ben slowly regains continues while his remaining friend runs towards him from the inside.

-They stole the newly created chart! – Blake panics.

-They stole something more important, Blake… tell me… do you see Sophia here?

After that Blake realizes the weight of the situation.

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