Cornered Key

P1CH6 – Pack your stuff, Crystal Crew!

After the Skyward ship was gone Ben and Blake went inside the Crystal Base and started packing their stuff. They even packed the hidden charts Sophia made: The Barrier Crystal and the Gravity Crystal. These charts contain information and maps all about the crystals. Ben always wanted to collect these sometime, but now that Sophia was kidnapped, the plans will take action sooner.

-Do you think we can follow the Skywards with the ship you made for me? – Ben asks from Blake.

-W-we? What do you mean we? I made that ship for you so you can reach your goals with the charts. Me and Sophia never planned to go with you.

-Well I did plan that. What did you think I just used you guys? You are my friends. Crystals were always the second most important thing to me. I just wanted adventures with my friends.

Blake is really happy to hear his friend say these words. He’s just too scared to go. But if he lives his life like a coward it’ll be boring and embarrassing… so he answers the main question with a brave look on his face:

-This is the fastest ship I ever built and it can withstand any storm. It’s the perfect ship for the Crystal Crew!

-Crystal Crew, huh? You already gave us a name? I like it. Let’s go and add one more member… Sophia.

They are about to go and put the stuff on this airship when they notice a pair of red glowing eyes in the doorway.

-I know I said you can go exploring when you reach age 17, but it’s 9 am in the morning of your 17th birthday. I thought you would wait a bit more. – Ben realizes it’s Scarlet’s, his great-grandmother’s voice.

-Me too but we have to save Sophia. You must let me go! – Ben responds.

-No doubt. Just don’t forget to say goodbye to the village. You too Blake, I know you are hiding from me.

-Uh, yes Ms. S-Scarlet! I w-will! – Blake seems a little frightened.

Scarlet leaves in hopes she will get a goodbye too. The boys pack everything on their new ship that Blake worked so hard on. Ben has a chance to take a better look at it and is amazed by his friend’s work.

-Well, the ship is ready. Our first destination will be the Barrier Crystal. – Ben says. – I’m glad Sophia taught me some navigation. That should get us from A to B.

-What do you mean by should? – Blake looks at Ben with a disturbed face.

-Oh come on like you know more. Tell me the 4 cardinal directions.

-Uhh… Sure! First one is… uhh… one sec… I know, it’s Death Roads!

-That’s the trading village where my father sells the blades he makes, you moron! Does North, East, West, or South ring the bell?

-No. You can be our temporary navigator.

So it’s settled Ben will be the Crystal Crew’s captain and temporary navigator and Blake will be the shipwright of the airship. They are ready to set sail, but they remember an old lady’s request and the village.

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