Cornered Key

P1CH7 – The crystals that drive the world crazy

You may wonder… what’s the big deal with these crystals? Why does everyone want them so badly? Are they curses or do they really give you powers? Some hundred years ago the clouds were on the same level as the mountain tops. Since we know we exist on this planet, we also know that clouds are a special material. It’s aeriform and soft, but solid and hard too. They decided to call this material crystal clouds.

People not only built villages and temples on these clouds but later discovered their unnatural abilities. Sometimes people broke some shards out of them, they didn’t know what to do with those after. So they decided to throw them into the Darkness.

However, a boy who we know as The First Crystalist today, managed to get his hands on one before the workers dropped it down. He started to do research on this material. He knew it was something magical, but never solved the meaning of this material. After he gave up on the research he dropped it into fire. It started to burn but didn’t dissolve at all. But it extinguished the fire while it was still burning. “Did it absorb the fire?” the boy thought. He was also interested in the inside, like is that burning too? So he grabbed a hammer and smashed the flaming crystal into pieces.

The crystal shattered… the flames started dancing like they were alive. The boy was amazed by this view, but after some time the other villagers only heard a scream from the boy’s direction.

Everybody rushed there only seeing the boy in flames showing his back to them. After he turned a big smile was visible on his face and he said: “I solved the material!”.

After the flames finished dancing around the boy they went straight into his body. It didn’t hurt at all, he just felt he’s one with the fire now. This was recorded in The Book of Science and scientists started replicating it. Sometimes it failed sometimes it worked, but they never knew what caused the failures.

Later they dropped the crystals into other materials too like water. But users of the Water Crystal not only gained the ability to control water like the Flame Crystal, but also they became 100% water. However, they kept their human form.

Scientists grouped the crystals into 3 categories: The Empty Type Crystals which possess no powers and are awaiting their fusions. The Adaptium Type Crystals adapt to the human body and give special powers to the user. And the most dangerous type is the Transium Type Crystals which transform the user’s whole body.

Scientists also noticed that people who possess the power of a crystal lose them temporarily near an Empty Type Crystal which weakens the user. This meant they had to leave their homes if they lived on a Crystal Cloud as the whole cloud was made of the same material.

Years later when they still didn’t learn how fusing works, and some “Successful Failures” happened like crystals fighting back, people gave up hope and built temples for these dangerous items. But a group of scientists still believed in finding the secret of successful fusion and they moved to the East to complete the research never to return.

People continued throwing broken down empty crystals from the clouds into the darkness until one day an earthquake shook the earth so hard even the clouds were shaking. People saw the darkness coming closer and closer until it reached the clouds. With the wave of the darkness, the clouds launched into the sky.

While the clouds were still visible from the ground the people moved down to the mountains as the clouds were not safe anymore. They stopped throwing empty crystals into the darkness, but it was too late. A few days later, a new wave launched the clouds even more upward into the sky where they were not visible anymore.

Luckily after the second attack, none came. But people lost all their villages, temples, and crystals. But as the technology advanced people started building airships that were able to reach the clouds again. Even after this, only some people tried to go up there as it was too dangerous. A lot of people went there never to return, or return with serious injuries.

The Crystal Clouds are still an uncharted and unknown place for modern people. Only brave individuals try to take on a journey like this. And Iron Skull Ben is one of them. Poor Builder Blake on the other hand is not. Good luck to them.

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