Cornered Key

P1CH8 – Farewell, Iron Peak!

The first 2 members of the Crystal Crew wander around the village saying goodbye to everyone. At Iron Peak everyone knows everyone, it’s like a big strong family. But the boys know the most important locations. First Sophia’s mom.

They knock on her door, but nobody responds. They can hear a slight sobbing, but nothing more. Ben knows how Sophia’s mom feels as Sophia is also a very important person for him too.

-Don’t worry Miss Margaret, we’ll get Sophia back. And until then I know she can protect herself. nothing will happen to her I just know that. – Ben says from outside the door. – You should be proud of your daughter!

They wait but they get no response. They just hear the sobbing stops. But no sounds after that. They are about to leave when they hear a silent whisper: “Good luck!”.

Blake’s parents are also shipwrights and engineers and they are testing their newest airship. They won’t be back for a while. Maybe they will run into them, the world is small.

When they reach Ton Hammer Tom’s house, Ben decides to skip it, as there is no use in saying goodbye to his depressed father. He can’t even remember who is his son.

But there is one more place to visit before they set sail: Ben’s home where Scarlet lives. They can’t forget to say goodbye to someone who is waiting for it. The one who raised you. The one who taught you.

-Grandma! – Ben calls out to his great-grandmother. – We are about to leave. We packed food, tools, charts, and everything. So… goodbye!

-You forgot something. – Scarlet responds from inside the house.

-What is that? – The boys ask confused.

-Yourselves. Go put yourselves on that ship. And take this Commu-bird with you.

Commu-birds are linked to each other and they are able to replicate the sound that their pair hears. Perfect for communication. They are quite expensive because it’s hard to link them as they need to be in love with each other.

The bird flies out of the window on the shoulder of Ben. They can be separated from each other for a long time until the flame of love doesn’t disappear from them. This should last a few years and can be recharged by letting the linked birds meet again.

-Thanks. We’ll be on our way now. After we get Sophia back we’ll give the village another visit! – Ben promises.

After they said their goodbyes to the village, the two plus the Commu-bird go back to their airship.

-Every ship should have a name. I’ll name it… – Blake puts on a serious thinking face. – THE CRYSTAL SHIP!

-Are you going to name everything crystal that has a connection to us? We already heard of the Crystal Pirates who call their ship the Crystal Ship, it’s a taken name.

-Yeah but they sail on the water, we’ll sail in the sky!

-Still, I have a better idea: Aerolithia!

-Aero-what? Don’t tell me we will go with your complex names. Are you going to rename us the Aero-what Crew too?

-No, don’t worry. Crystal Crew can stay. But we will sail on Aerolithia!

So Ben pulled his creativity and found a complex, but original name for their ship. They jumped on, went into the navigation room, and started planning.

-There is no way we can beat the Saw-hand Skywardian like this. We need to get a crystal first. – Blake recommends. – I think we should go for the Barrier Crystal because according to Sophia it’s on a falling cloud and it’s visible from Wiver.

-Then we are going to Wiver. It’s from the South-East of us.

-Are you trying to curse me or somethi… oh right those are the 4 something we follow.

Wiver is a larger city located on a W-shaped mountain. It has a river that comes up from the darkness. They are famous for Commu-bird breeding and farming.

And it’s decided the Crystal Crew is on their way to Wiver to see the only crystal cloud in the world that is visible from a mountain. And that cloud should contain the Barrier Crystal.

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